Petroassist UK


EDGE PoS Self-Checkout

A completely new and innovative offering to the convenience and fuel market for Self-Checkout

The Self-Checkout is simply bolted onto one or more of your existing EDGEPoS tills and requires no additional counter space.

The EDGEPoS Self-Checkout differs from other products on the market.  It gives retailers more choice to utilise space and staff throughout the store, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

The EDGEPoS Self-Checkout are much smaller and more streamlined than other conventional products on the market.  They are designed to speed up the transaction process, allowing retailers to utilise space on the shop floor and ultimately provide customers with more options and a better customer experience.


Petroassist UK Ltd has been appointed by Henderson Technology as an authorised EDGEPoS reseller in Scotland, England and Wales. For more information, click to get in touch


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